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Ecodynamic Enterprise Label

The Ecodynamic Organisation Label is an official and free accreditation. It rewards and encourages companies, non-profit organisations and institutions in the public or private sector in Brussels that take action to reduce the impact of their activity on the environment.

The label rates environmental management processes according to a scale with three levels of environmental performance: one, two or three stars. It highlights initiatives in areas such as waste prevention and the circular economy, rational energy use, good management of worker mobility and sustainable food.

The label is not awarded for eco-products or eco-services, and does not evaluate the ecological character of your core business. Its purpose is to evaluate the way in which the organisation carries out its activity, not the activity itself.


  • Completely free: there is no charge for the label!
  • Serious environmental engagement: by showcasing your eco-management initiatives, you will claim your place among Brussels’ innovators.
  • Noticeable flexibility: You can start your labelling process whenever you want. You can apply for the label every year or every two, three or four years, etc.
  • Official recognition by the Region: your environmental engagement will be recognised by the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Savings for your organisation: the measures you take in connection with the Ecodynamic Organisation Label will generate substantial financial savings.
  • Membership of a dynamic network: you will be part of a network that shares experiences at events and training sessions organised by Brussels Environment.
  • A boost for your brand image: your environmental engagement will mark you out from your competitors or partners.

Would you like to know more about what it takes to obtain the Ecodynamic Organisation Label? Contact our helpdesk.